Confidential coaching for professional musicians

There are unique challenges and anxieties faced by extremely accomplished, proficient, established career professionals when they experience obstructions to their playing, for whatever reason. Beyond the normally extreme stresses of performing under extraordinary expectations of perfection and consistency, career professionals often experience additional pressure to appear, at all times, to be in full command of artistic faculties. Limited sources of suitably competent, compassionate, and discreet coaching compounds this invisible suffering, often made worse by a feeling of being scrutinized by younger artists in highly competitive and measurement-based environments.

I provide confidential, online performance coaching for established professional musicians who feel they may be experiencing limitations or obstructions with their instruments, interpretive processes, and/or careers. These challenges may be experienced in a variety of ways, but often appear through perception or feedback suggesting:

  • Literal or mechanical interpretation
  • Tonal restriction or blandness
  • Technical inaccuracy or limitation
  • Physical restriction, discomfort or performance injury
  • Career frustration/apathy
  • Loss of desire/patience to practice

My approach to coaching is grounded in 30 years as a concert musician, 10 years as a bedside palliative care musician, and almost 20 years on the Performance faculty of the University of Toronto, working with a comprehensive range of instrumentalists. My work heavily emphasizes developing a heightened awareness of breath and movement, and draws on holistic perspectives including Yoga, Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, Acupuncture meridian theory, and Reiki.

Appointments take place synchronously via Zoom, or asynchronously using the VoiceThread platform. Under no circumstance do I disclose my professional client list.

For more information, please reach out.