Solo Recordings

John Bull (2001), Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal; In nomines, toccatas, fantasias, variations, and chant-based works: Mystery and unbridled virtuosity respectively distinguish the biography and the keyboard works of John Bull. While the composer’s biography remains cloaked in legend, his keyboard works, which span a variety of genres (plainsong settings, preludes and fantasies, pavans and galliards, other dance forms, arrangements and character pieces, and grounds and variations) reflect his spectacular accomplishments both in the English and Continental styles. (Rachelle Taylor)

Samuel Scheidt (2005), Knox College, University of Toronto; Chant-based works and secular variations: Samuel Scheidt’s Tabulatura nova, published in Hamburg in 1624, was a milestone in music printing. Scheidt’s collection was unique because of its open score layout, which radically departed from the various organ tablatures current in Germany or the Low Countries. The open score was a salute to Italian music printing practice and by extension, to the Italian influence that pervaded the circle in which Scheidt evolved, which included the Italian-trained Schütz.  (Rachelle Taylor).

Peeter Cornet (2024), Sample of Annakirche Düren (Virtual Organ); Salve Regina: The five variations of the Salve Regina by Peeter Cornet (c. 1575-1633) are a landmark of early Flemish keyboard repertory. Bold and dramatic, this setting is unique in its juxtaposition of strict contrapuntal textures with improvisatory flourishes and unusual harmonic gestures characteristic of early Spanish and Italian works. The featured instrument is a virtual sample of the remarkable 2010 organ by Metzler Orgelbau AG in the Annakirche (Düren, Germany) produced by Piotr Grabowski. Available to stream on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Recordings where featured

Organs of Toronto (2006), Knox College, University of Toronto: Companion CD to the book by Alan Jackson and James Bailey.

Historic Organs of Montreal (2002), Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal: Four CD set.